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Where is AEISA

A Association of Students of ISA is located in the Main Building of ISA, in Tapada da Ajuda - Lisbon.
Find the complete address and our contacts here.

How to get to ISA and AEISA?

The access to Tapada da Ajuda can be done on foot or by your own vehicle, according to the rules established by ISA, and through one of the four available access gates. Check the access rules and times of the gates here.

Public Transportation

Where Buses Streetcars
Calvário Square 712, 714, 727, 732, 738, 751, 756 E15
Jau street (next to Jau gate) 760 E18
Next to Bridge Gate 724 -
Next to Monsanto Gate 724 -
Luís de Camões street 720, 742 -
Where Train Stations Line
Ceuta avenue Alcântara-Terra Azambuja Line | Sintra Line
India avenue
Brasília avenue
Alcântara-Mar Cascais Line
Where Subway Station Line
Cais do Sodré Cais do Sodré Green line