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AEISA - the Association of Students of ISA


The Association of Students of ISA, School of Agriculture, is the representative structure of the ISA Students.

Founded in the 21st of November, 1911, AEISA is responsible for the institutional representation of all ISA Students, whose effects are considered to be the only competent entity, both for their contribution to the defense of the dignity of their members, and for collaboration in action Education in the field of human, scientific, cultural and physical training of students, solving the problems related to their housing, food and health.

Based on these assumptions and today with a centenary responsibility, AEISA encourages the participation of students in all school and associative activities, tries to establish the link between the school and its members to the economic reality of the country and cooperates with all student bodies , National and foreign, promoting ISA.

AEISA considers the valuation of cultural and sporting practices in our Academic Community as a fundamental pillar of social interaction, creativity and citizenship, as well as the curricular complement of ISA students.

It is based on this premise that AEISA provides physical, technical, logistical and financial resources to its nuclei for the best continuation of its activities.