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AGROS Magazine


AGROS distinguishes itself at present as the oldest technical-scientific journal of Portuguese University Students' Associations. It was founded in 1917, having been its first edition sub-titled "Bulletin of the Association of Students of Agronomy and Periodical of Agricultural Propaganda". Its founder and first Director was the Engineer Artur Castilho.

Since then, AGROS has been a major reference of the (formerly) Association of Students of Agronomy, now Association of Students of ISA.

Throughout history Agros has played a major role in academic life and in the scientific community itself in the field of agricultural science.

Since its inception, Agros has been a member of the governing bodies of the Association of Students, firstly with a large team comprising the Director, Editorial Secretary, Editor, Editorial Committee and Administrative Commission, publishing a magazine number per month.

More recently, Agros publication and editing focuses on the "Agros Section", defined statutorily, decreasing the periodicity, to annual publications.

AGROS 2014 cover

From the beginning, the Agros Magazine attempts to show the public the values of the Higher Institute of Agronomy as a pioneer school in the development of agrarian sciences in Portugal.
Throughout the years, articles on ISA courses have been published, with varying themes, always written by students from various generations who have passed through ISA and who are now professionals of merit, many renowned in the national and / or international context. The various editions also count on the collaboration of Teachers and Researchers in the area.

Although with slight variations over the years in relation to its initial spirit, Agros magazine has always been a vehicle of technical-scientific, associative content or agricultural dissemination.
Among the leaders responsible for the magazine are individuals who came to stand out professionally, and in particular individuals who came to be ISA teachers. Many later provided support to the journal, both by publishing articles and in the scientific review.

The "AGROS Library" can be consulted at AEISA and BISA (ISA Library).
Some historical copies and the most recent editions of AGROS are on sale at AEISA.