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The sports practice, in addition to all the health benefits, promotes the interaction and integration of the Students in the Institute, stimulating socialization within the Faculty, University and Academic Community.

Through the AEISA it is possible to practice sports in collective modalities in which AEISA has formed teams and organized training, and in individual or collective modalities that are represented in the University Championships (regional and national).

Main collective sports represented by AEISA

Main participations of AEISA in individual modalities

  • Horse riding
  • Athletics
  • Tennis
  • Surf

Missing your Modality?

The sport you would like to compete for was not mentioned? Don't worry!
Any modality disputed in the University Championships can be practiced by an athlete in representation of the AEISA! Get in touch with us through the e-mail to know more.

We count on you to increase and improve the practice of sports!